Variable Print

We can help with trouble-some job for you
  • For those with problems such as printing is simple and low-cost yet it would take forever printing 1000 people one by one.
  • Simply download format and fill in necessary information for each recipient
* Information provided will be deleted completely after delivery.
Therefore, if you need to revise, please resend the data.
* If you order for 300+ destinations for variable print, we might have to discuss about lead time.
* If you plan to order 1,000+ destinations, please Contact Us
* If the information you provide does not follow the format provided, it would be considered as Incomplete Data which could lead delay on delivery

Applicable Products and Pricing

ProductsTypePriceAdditional timeLimit
Print + ShipBase $15 + $0.1ea + POSTAGE+2 Business daysQty 1,000

How to Order

1. Dowload excel file down below, Fill in desired information

Download Formatted Excel file(xlsx)→Download Formatted Excel file for 97-2003(xls)

2. Simply Contact Us to place order by submitting Print data as well as Excel File filled with the information.

Attention! when you fill in information on Excel file

* If the information you provide does not follow the format provided, it would be considered as Incomplete Data which could lead delay on delivery. To avoid such case, Here are some important points to consider.

◯ Acceptable text type× Unacceptable text type
ZipcodeHalfwidth numberFullwidth・Space
AddressFullfwidth(St.No. Halfwidth)Halfwidth-kana
Company Name/Contact NameFullfwidthHalfwidth-kana
*All address will be written in English
variable printing
variable printing

Numbering variable

Flyers,Postcards,Business cards etc. We can print consecutive number on each copy.

Numbering Specs

Ink ColorBackground ColorPrintable
Black onlyWhite onlyNumber only
FontNo.of digitsSpace
Gothic6 digitsH10mm×W30mm
Card image cap
Colored Background

Only White Background color is accepted

Card image cap
Without "№"

「№」symbol is NOT removable

Card image cap
Fixed Format

Font style, color and size are fixed

Card image cap
Consecutive number ony

English characters are not allowed

Applicable Products and Pricing

*All products would be on-demand

PoductsSizeLocationsPriceAdditional time

Numbering Tickets

182×55mm1 location$30+@$0.02(ea)+1Business day
2 locations$30+@$0.03(ea)

How to prepare Print file

Positioning Instruction
  1. Create Layer as「numbering instruction」(if you want to include perforation instruction also, rename layer as「numbering・perforation instruction layer」)
  2. Inside the「numbering instruction」create an object of 10mm×30mm and position it to where you want to place it.
    We print as you set it up.
How to prepare Print file
  1. Include within a print-ready file or give us a sample for a specific instruction.
  2. If including the instruction within the print-ready file…draw black line on the edge of artwork(see image above)
  3. If providing a sample…Draw dashed dots on the sample
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